Fly-in vs. Drive-in Resorts

There are plenty of different ways to fish, places to fish, types of fish and fishing vacations to take. Some of the most popular feature a destination lodge out in some remote area of the world, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best option. For some, the idea of being in the middle of nowhere surrounded by ONLY fishermen is more of a nightmare than a dream vacation. That’s where the drive-in resorts come out to play. So, which is better? Check out the pros and cons list below to help you decide what your first choice would be for a fishing vacation.




  • Less Boat Traffic

-Private destination = private fishing

  • Everything Included

-Just show up and enjoy

  • Unique

-Limited spots at a time

  • Focused on Fishing

-Only fishing, only fishermen, you’re all there for the same thing

  • Scenic

-Flying in to an untouched land…. Pretty beautiful.


  • Expensive

-Flights don’t come cheap, nor does food, alcohol and gear

  • Requires a Flight

-Not as simple as bringing your car.

  • No Other Activities

-You are there to FISH!

  • No town/other amenities

-Just the lodge and the things provided by it.

  • Stuck to the Schedule

-No independence to get away/schedule your own meals

  • Only that lodge for accommodation choice

-Don’t like it? Too bad. You’ve flown in and are stuck now.




  • Independence

-Meals, meal planning, what to do after fishing – all up to you

  • Things to do other than fish

-Go out for dinner, go for a hike… Endless options.

  • Numerous accommodation choices

-Luxury? Basic? Something will fit any budget/desire

  • Access to Town

-You’re not stuck in the middle of nowhere.

  • Can be Cheaper

-Choice in accommodation and food makes a big difference, plus no flight.

  • Can do just the fishing – not forced to use their accommodation

-Have a friend in that town? Just pay to fish, not stay.


  • Other costs/not everything included

-You’ll have to find what is/isn’t included and prepare for that

  • More boats/traffic

-More accessible = more traffic. Prepare to share.

  • No scenic flight in

-Speaks for itself.



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