Pros to Booking a Fishing Charter


Whether you’re an old hand at casting a line, or want to try something new, there are plenty of reasons to book a fishing charter – especially when visiting unfamiliar waters. Here are a few of many reasons to book a charter when you’re on your fishing vacation.

  1. Guide

Even if you’re a great fisherman back at your home turf, no one knows the waters you’re visiting like a guide. It’s their job to know the secrets of the trade and the best spots to fish. Plus, then you can focus on reeling in your catch, while the guide takes care of steering the boat and getting all the gear sorted out.

  1. Gear is Included

Speaking of gear, most charters have it included. While you might have the best of the best back at home, it can be a pain to lug it all the way out to where you’ll be fishing. Charter gear is often just as high quality as it comes, and they’ll have all the lures that work for those fish. Plus, you won’t have to worry if you lose something overboard!

  1. Worry-Free

The best part about paying for fishing, is that your only job is to show up. Not only does the guide have everything set up for you for when you show up, they’ll take you to the best spots and even set the hook for you. Then, you’re in charge of reeling in, while the guide steers the boat and prepares the gaff.


  1. Don’t Need to Have a Boat

While it can be fun to putter around in your own boat, it isn’t fun to drag it down the highway for hours when you want to explore new destinations. Plus, once you’re done cruising the waters, you need to fill it up with liquid gold (aka. Gas). A charter may even have a nicer boat than what you’d buy for yourself. You can upgrade from your aluminum bathtub to something with a toilet and maybe even a heated cabin.

  1. All Inclusive

Rather than worrying about excess costs, most fishing charters cover absolutely everything except perhaps your guide’s gratuity. From fishing licenses, to gear and for some, meals, you know that the price you pay from the get-go is all you’ll pay for your holiday.

  1. You Can Drink and Eat

Instead of worrying about steering the boat, finding the fish, setting the gear and generally running the show, you can focus on your meals and drinks. If you’re not seasick, that is.


  1. Fish Guarantee

Some fishing charters, like Salmon Eye Charters (, offer a guaranteed amount of fish. With confidence like that, you can rest easy knowing that you’re booking with a successful company. Plus, you won’t have to worry about going home empty handed if the fishing happens to be off for the time you’re there.

  1. Don’t have to Know Regulations

Again, a guide will be up to date with what’s going on in the area. You won’t have to worry about reading up on what to keep, how many to keep and how long they have to be. Your guide will take care of that part for you and let you know when you’ve caught your limit.

  1. Bring Lots Friends

Depending on the size of boat you book, you can come fishing with a bunch of friends and have the time to focus on them, rather than making sure they catch great fish. Hang out on the ocean and have fun with the sport of fishing.


  1. Seafood Dinners

A number of charters offer seafood dinners, even if the meals aren’t included overall. Dig into fresh caught fish of the same that you’ve been going for, plus a number of other tasty eats. You’ll be able to snag some recipes while you’re at it, and discover just how good your dinners will taste once you’ve returned from your charter.

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