What is a fishing resort?

Fishing resorts are usually built in areas that had great fishing at one time, although they still may have decent salmon fishing. If the area’s salmon fishing declines, the resort still keeps trying to market their premier fishing by showing pictures from past years. There are many places that can’t produce the same numbers, whether you’re staying in the Bahamas and catching sailfish, or staying in British Columbia trying to catch King salmon. Fishing resorts are always close to the action. Most of the time you can get great rates during the beginning and end of the fishing season, so shop around and make sure you look into booking a great local fishing guide. While most fishing resorts in BC are great for accommodation, they usually don’t provide as good of a fishing experience. If you are going to find a resort, make sure it is in one of the Charlottes – many of the other areas have greatly declined.

The best areas in BC are Ucluelet, Prince Rupert, the Charlottes and Winter Harbour. Areas like Rivers Inlet, Campbell River and anywhere on the east side of Vancouver Island have greatly declined. Many of the salmon that are swimming on the west coast of Vancouver Island are from US rivers. Since the US has kept up its salmon enhancement, areas such as Ucluelet benefit greatly. In fact, Ucluelet may have the best fishing of any area on the coast!

The type of fishing changes and it is common to fish cut plug herring north of Vancouver Island, although most lodges are starting to troll with downriggers for the majority of their fishing. Live squid fishing for salmon is starting to become a sporty way of catching salmon of out Ucluelet and there is usually a period of time in the summer where a few boats use it as their primary method. This depends on when the squid arrive, though!

Picking the Right Guide!

Picking the right guide can be a challenge. Knowledge is power in this game. Find a guide that seems extremely knowledgeable about the area. He or she should be able to tell which spots are good and which are not. They should be able to explain their bait choices and why, as well as know the various depths to set the lines and give you a rundown of how they got the knowledge. Good fishing stories can be very telling. If they mention how they had to modify weights, lines, hooks, bait, time of day, temperature and any other details about the area, the better the chance that you have found a good guide.

Ask about the Boat!

Most people don’t think about the boat, but it is a very important detail for a fishing trip. SO why don’t they think about it? They’re probably grateful to be going on a dream vacation that they don’t bother to worry about how big or comfortable the boat is! However, when you’re out fishing for several hours, you’ll eventually need to go to the washroom. You also might want to sit down on nice seats after reeling in a large fish so that your arms can recover in comfort. Either way, try to get in boats that are at least 25’ to 26’ long and include a bathroom. It may be a small detail now, but when you’re out on the water fishing, it will be one of the biggest!